Hi there, welcome to my portfolio. I showcase here a selection of what I do. There’s three art categories, Digital Art, Traditional Art and Dock Icons (which is currently under construction). In the Digital Art section you’ll find 2D art created for both personal and professional use and the same goes for the Traditional Art section, which is a little more versatile when it comes to the many different techniques, whereas the Digital Art section is produced mainly with Photoshop. I also have a habit of creating icons for some reason and you can find them on the Dock Icons page once I’m finished constructing it.

I hope you’ll find my portfolio to your liking and if you want to find out a little bit more about me, take a peek in the About section. There’s also a Blog where I’m keeping the world up to date with what I’m currently working on and such. If you’d like to contact me then there’s a nifty little tab called Contact.

Take a look around in my galleries, I’m sure there’s a little bit of something for everyone’s taste in there, and I hope you’ll enjoy your stay.