Sometimes I manage to surprise myself. While digging through heaps of artwork I found an oldie that I actually had completely forgot about. It’s one of the first drafts I made for the cutscenes in the game Dependency; a game about diabetes and learning how to balanceĀ the levels of insulin intake. Well, I had as aforementioned, totally forgotten all about this one so the lines in the speech balloons made me laugh a little =)

Unfortunately, for you people of the english persuasion it’s in Swedish but don’t fret, I usually tend to add speech balloons to quite a lot of things with all sorts of stupid lines, so you’ll get your fill of that in the future =)

Diabetes Game Dependency, early concept cutscene

2 thoughts on “The stupid captions I put on things…

  1. I have no idea. Why do dialects differ so much from region to region? Two adjacent regions can have totally different ways to express themselves and pronouncing things. It’s a weird thing =)

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