My name is Michael Gullbrandson, I’m a freelancing artist. I’ve been drawing and painting for the better part of my life, both professionally and for my own delight. I started out professionally 1990 when I got my first illustration work for hire for the Swedish role playing game Drakar&Demoner (the Swedish equivalent to Dungeons&Dragons), and I’ve since then illustrated other things besides RPG’s, covers and illustrations for books, brochures, artwork for CD’s and LP’s, artwork for tattoos, portraits, commissions in general, and I’ve also worked as a graphics artist for mobile games and apps for some years.

I’ve dabbled a bit in comics, which set me on the path of the artist in the first place as a kid, since I loved them back then and wanted to be able to draw my favorite characters myself, not just reading about them. So I learned how to draw by studying my favorite artists, I figured out how they did things and along the way developed a style all of my own. When I became aware of the painted comic books during the early 1990’s, such as Elektra Assassin (art by Bill Sienkiewicz), Arkham Asylum (art by Dave McKean), and others, I did the same as before and learned how to paint by again figuring out how the artists did things. The respective influences from the various artists I held a great esteem for on my art varied over the years, and so did my respons to them, driven by a yearning to learn how to draw and paint my own artwork. Along the way I used what I learned to create my own things, as is mostly the case for all artists.

For me, as I’m probably not alone in as an artist, art is a passion, a way of seeing and doing things, a way of life. Even when I put down my pencil or brush, I still live it and I feel it inside of me at all times.

Take a look around in my galleries and see if you find anything to your liking, and if you want a commission done by me, don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m sure I can accommodate you.



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