A Little Tree

This is just a little something I doodled up at work between rounds. No pencils or anything, just ink on the naked paper. Trees are cozy like that.

/Ink, A5

About Noir

I'm going through my heaps of odd bits and ends among my piles of sketches, illustrations, and paintings and I find stuff I in part have forgotten all about having ever made, and also I dig up old jobs and such. I found a heap of originals of the old job Noir, and I also found I actually like them a lot. I actually think the originals are better than the ones which went into print, and it's partly because of the bleed of the artwork at the edges; it enhances the effect quite drastically of the already dark and dystopian mood of the illustrations, and I think the book would've been even better if we had printed the artwork as is instead of the cropped at the edges versions.

Anyway, these are a few of them as they are in their original unedited versions. Click the "Read More" button for a larger viewing.