This is just another practice piece (doesn’t make perfect but one hopes, one hopes, yesss preciousss). I have the horrifying tendency to go into detail quite quickly when I draw or paint something, and although it’s not always a bad thing, it might throw the whole piece overboard and I overdo it instead. So, this practice is all about keeping it loose, a very limited timeframe, and forcing myself to not going into any extensive detail work. Just adding the key components in there and keeping it that way. Nothing finished, no real sharpness or absurd, tiny details ruining the overall artwork. Just rough stuff. It’s hard for me to do though, I do love them details sooo much, but they’re not always necessary. Not to such an extent that it ruins the piece at least. So here he is, the rough orc.


Hugo 18 years old!

My son recently celebrated his 18th birthday and this is my gift to him. Like me, his father, he likes Steampunk so of course I had to take that into account when I designed it. Oh and we’ve got a little princess called Lily in the family as well and she’s his little gem. I simply had to include her too of course. She really loves her little crown and necklace =)


The stupid captions I put on things…

Sometimes I manage to surprise myself. While digging through heaps of artwork I found an oldie that I actually had completely forgot about. It’s one of the first drafts I made for the cutscenes in the game Dependency; a game about diabetes and learning how to balance the levels of insulin intake. Well, I had as aforementioned, totally forgotten all about this one so the lines in the speech balloons made me laugh a little =)

Unfortunately, for you people of the english persuasion it’s in Swedish but don’t fret, I usually tend to add speech balloons to quite a lot of things with all sorts of stupid lines, so you’ll get your fill of that in the future =)

Diabetes Game Dependency, early concept cutscene