Battle on a balcony

Found an old ink piece from many years ago, among others. I inked stuff on more regular basis back then. I'm glad I found it again, I had almost forgotten all about it.

/Inks, A4

The Thieving Magpie

I needed to test some materials I have laying around here back home, water colors and stuff, and also the paper quality of the pad I painted this on. Needless to say, the water colors was a disaster and I almost ruined the whole thing of course, but luckily there's always trusty old acrylics to save the day when a total failure is imminent. It came out okay in the end, albeit a tad too rough for my taste. But I needed to test things, and so I did. Also, I really wanted to paint a magpie for some reason, but I have no idea why.

/Acrylics, useless water colors, water coloring pencils, 20x20 cm