Word Ahoy!

A little while back I produced a few graphical elements for a game called Word Ahoy! for the Swedish company Miljonlotteriet.

The game is a mash up of Scrabble and Sinking Ship, where the first part takes you to the Scrabble area, and depending on if you win or lose in Scrabble you get to try to sink your opponents ship. You can play either against an NPC or you can challenge your friends on Facebook if you want. You can also find random people to challenge. In this game you can also purchase lottery tickets and win a maximum of 2 million Swedish crowns (yep, real money). You can grab the game here.

Take a peak in my Digital Art’s section, I’ve uploaded the ships, captains and other stuff from this job.


Unfinished Business?

Sometimes I make things and get the feeling there should be more to them, but I can’t for the life of me decide what should be added or not. It could be some more detail on the item itself, or maybe it should be placed in an environment of some sort, or whatever it might be. This is the case with this one; I feel there should be more to it than there is, but I can’t really pinpoint what. Frustrations, frustrations…



This is just another practice piece (doesn’t make perfect but one hopes, one hopes, yesss preciousss). I have the horrifying tendency to go into detail quite quickly when I draw or paint something, and although it’s not always a bad thing, it might throw the whole piece overboard and I overdo it instead. So, this practice is all about keeping it loose, a very limited timeframe, and forcing myself to not going into any extensive detail work. Just adding the key components in there and keeping it that way. Nothing finished, no real sharpness or absurd, tiny details ruining the overall artwork. Just rough stuff. It’s hard for me to do though, I do love them details sooo much, but they’re not always necessary. Not to such an extent that it ruins the piece at least. So here he is, the rough orc.