It’s Clobberin’ Time!

This is a little thing I made just for the fun of it. "Clobberin' Time" is Thing's catch phrase, and he says it when he's had enough of being the punching bag for other characters, hence the title "Clobberin' Time" on this mockup cover of a non-existing comic book. The Hulk is in for a world of hurt!

Inks were done on paper, A4-size, the colors were done in Photoshop


This is little Gizmo. He was the father of my little Lily who we got from my sister Marie-Louise. He was a scruffy little one, stinking like a can of tuna gone bad and almost toothless. A lover of cuddling was he, and he loved to hide in soft, small spaces where he spent many cozy moments. He was also a complete glutton and was a firm believer of being the master of everything edible, a position he fiercely held as his own and his alone. Many battles was fought over food with his mate Saga, Lily's mother, and his best friend Charles along with Lily whenever we visited my sister's family. He was full of quirky traits and had a great personality in his tiny little body. We all loved him dearly, and still do. Sadly, he left us a couple of months ago, leaving a great hole in us, and in my sister most of all. We celebrated her birthday today, and this was my gift to her; a portrait of indeed a scruffy little stinking Gizmo, a great, tiny little dog and we miss him deeply.

I don't believe in a God or a heaven, but if there is a heaven where all dogs go to, then here's to you, little Gizmo, I hope you're doing okey up there. I hope we'll meet again <3

A Little Tree

This is just a little something I doodled up at work between rounds. No pencils or anything, just ink on the naked paper. Trees are cozy like that.

/Ink, A5