Pencil shot of an action scene I drew years ago while working for the now defunct company Jungle Peak…

I initially worked as a refinement penciler for a comic book back then for a project called Azaya. This piece however is all mine, I made a few of them as well, not just refining another artist's rather too rough drafts. Azaya took place in a world where not only human beings where capable of higher intellect and speech. Cuddly animals also lived in it and they were using magical powers as fierce fighters for the environment and stuff, fighting off evil wherever they found it in order to make a better world. Unfortunately the project tanked after some years, due to circumstances I won't go into here. But it could've been a huge hit only if it wasn't managed so badly. Still, it was a good time to be an artist for me, and I sometimes miss those days.

Getting back into inking

It's been a while since I inked stuff, but recently I've felt the urge to pick it up again, along with creating things in general. This one's not finished yet so it's a work in progress, where the left side is the pencils of the soldier and the right side is the line-work in place for the rest of the final inks to come. I've tried to keep it loose this time, not sweating the odd error here and there, and just enjoying inking again. I had forgot how much I love going into details, so I've had a good time so far :)