Water Color/Acrylics


Sometimes paintings takes on in a different than initially intended. I at first meant to color this, as aforementioned, but as I worked on it I came more and more to the conclusion that I'd much prefer it in greyscale, as is shown here. So lo and behold, all done :)

/Acrylics, gouache, a slight usage of water coloring pencils, and a dab of white ink, size A4

Daisy – Sneak Preview

This is a little sneak preview of one of the things I'm currently working on. So far I'm adding the greyscale values, shape, and general textures. Once that is in place I'll add colors, add the rest of the textures and detail, and then it's time for highlights and sharpness of details.

/Acrylics, A4 size


In the spirit of Halloween I felt like creating a little contribution to the season, so I made a little werewolf. At first I intended to add a background, but as work progressed on him I felt that I wanted him as a standalone character, focusing on him entirely. I need a new scanner by the way, seems like my trusty old Brother scanner is in poor shape these days.

/watercolor - A4 size